Incredible Facilities

I have shot in firing ranges all across the southeast, and will say that Shots Fired has quickly become my favorite range to visit. Not only is their selection of firearms, ammo, and equipment excellent- but their actual shooting range is state of the art. I appreciate their attention to detail when it comes to safety, lighting, ventilation, etc. The lanes themselves are equipped with new target carriers which don't sway or move excessively during travel or return and which are pre-programmed with four distances out to 25 yards. With the push of one button, you can send your target to 7, 15, 21, or 25 yards and return them equally as easily.

The staff at Shots Fired are courteous, well-informed, and knowledgeable about the equipment they sell. They are friendly and respectful toward everyone that comes through the door, and provide a non-intimidating and inviting atmosphere for new shooters to visit.

All in all, I appreciate the time that I spend at Shots Fired and am confident in recommending them to other fellow shooters.

Richard W.

Inventory Selection

At Shots Fired Indoor Gun Range in Covington, Georgia, I was able to find all of the accessories that I wanted to add to my AR-15. Their prices were competitive, and their selection was great. The gentleman helping me was courteous and I could tell that he knew what he was talking about. They had a wonderful selection of accessories to choose from with good prices and great service. That's tough to beat!

George M.

Excellent Staff

As a new shooter, I found it helpful that the staff would politely answer the questions that I had in regards to purchasing my first firearm. I was able to rent several models and calibers which I was interested in, which was incredibly helpful in determining which one I wanted to buy. After I had my firearm, I was able to get a professional lesson from a certified instructor on how to use my new pistol. He showed me how to check to see if it was loaded, a proper stance, how to aim, fire, reload, basic malfunction, correction, etc. I was nervous about shooting at first, but the friendly staff at Shots Fired made it easy and fun!

Donna P.

Home Defense Shotgun

I went to Shots Fired to take a look at a firearm for home defense. Originally, I wanted to look at handguns and knew that Shots Fired carried Glock, Sig Sauer, and Smith & Wesson. I explained my living situation and what I would use the firearm for to the person behind the counter, and we talked about several different options. Then he took me to the area for Tactical Shotguns. After talking with the guy helping me, it made sense to me that a shotgun made more sense that what I had originally came there for. Luckily, they had a wide selection to choose from. I was able to save money and get a better firearm for my personal needs thanks to helpful staff. I will definitely be coming back!

Jimmy D.